Thursday, 17 April 2014

Happiness for (Nearly) Free


So, I've been off doing everything but blogging over the past few days. To be honest I did very little - went out with my friends and got a bit silly (read: drunk) and browsed the charity shops with mum. It's easy to feel happy when i'm at home surrounded by my parent's house's big-windowed prettiness and sunshine but returning to Uni it's about finding each little break in the monotony of identi-kit flats and dirty-mauve walls. Luckily for me, my loan just came in, and if anyone is an argument against 'money can't buy you happiness' it's me, however, I didn't want to blow it on expensive nights out or clothes just yet! I had a really good day today and when I evaluated why, it was for the simplest little things: Finding Hyacinths were now in season, thrifting some enamel plates and just taking the time to take stock of my cupboard and fridge ingredients and plan meals and food-shop carefully. (I like to visit Aldi, Tesco and the Market to get the best of all-worlds.) 

I also now know never to underestimate the zen of a clean room and a list of priorities.


Friday, 11 April 2014

First Days and Breakfasts

First Days and Breakfasts
First Days and Breakfasts

So, today was/is an amazing day! Okay, it's still a little cloudy, but for spring, it was fantastic. Warm enough to listen to some tunes and having a leisurely brunch in my garden for the first time this year. I am loving really putting effort into cooking at the moment - using the 'good' crockery and dinnerware and trying to avoid the circle of typical dinners that you get stuck in. I just know it will all go downhill once I get back to uni. I love my flatmates but that tiny student flat is suffocating. I can't wait to get into a new flat that you can personalise (and has room for my china plates!) with less people, more tidiness and less MDF. For now i'm trying to enjoy the last vestiges of my easter holiday before it's back to hard work.

First Days and Breakfasts

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Gypsy Clothes in the Sunshine


Hi everyone! So I dropped the blogging ball a little over the past few days - I had to rest & recuperate, and I haven't done much of note except really enjoy being at home. However, I'm finally here with the photos of my holiday. It was pretty dull and cold for the first two days and I was not prepared at all. When we booked the weather had promised sunshine for the entire three days, but it had shifted a little by the time we arrived - and instead was sunny from our last day until the weekend. It was a shame because it meant taking your camera anywhere became a bit of a liability (rain + camera = bad) but at least I did get to crack out my new awesome gipsyish 50s style top from H&M 

Still, the sun came out in full force on the last day and we made sure to get the most out of our last few hours. We laid out in the sun for most of the day and went for dinner and cocktails in the evening, snuggled in blankets under a patio heater. Bliss. The sunlight brought so much beauty to everywhere - yes even Lloret De Mar (usually aimed at Hen & Stag Dos!) What was nice about coming a bit earlier than usual was that there were lots of locals around, and you could enjoy being around people living their lives - going for coffee and a cigarette at lunchtime to two ladies with 1/2 a litre of beer in a huge mug!

The Flamingo

We really lucked out in the Hotel department - a gorgeous little place (though sadly opposite the tackiest club known to mankind) that struck me as very 30s inspired, all marble and clean white. It seemed as if maybe we had waited another week, we'd have been able to sit poolside and drift from bar to pool at our leisure, but we still enjoyed the beach for a day - and that Vitamin D - which was what was most important anyway. Even despite our lovely hotel, I did have a little apartment-envy. I saw a beautiful jungle-terrace apartment. It makes me lust for another holiday. Dreamy. (One where we stay a little longer and the sun stays out maybe!)

Poolside Paradise

Hidden Jungle

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Packing for 4 Days of Sunshine

holiday packing

Hi everyone! What a wonderful day it is to be packing. The weather here has been very reassuring. My sister and I are escaping Coventry for a few days with some friends and Martin, and judging by the balmy weather here it should be wonderful a bit closer to the Equator. I'm looking forward to four days of doing nothing on the Coast of Spain (and probably dodging a few squiffy brits too..) I had to pack light, so I'm taking my red shorts, my chicwish skirt, these gorgeous sandals I bought last year, some flipflops (of course!) One bikini, my oft-rotated stripy crop tops and this gorgeous gipsy top I bought at H&M the day before! Have a wonderful few days and hopefully i'll be back with some photos soon!

holiday packing

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Red (again) and Polka-Hearts and Sticking to Plans!

Red (again) and Polka-Hearts and Sticking to Plans

Hi everyone! Yesterday Martin and I went on a little date to the Noodle Bar (it's virtually tradition when back home in Coventry now!) We were originally going to just have Tea and Dim Sum but somebody was so hungry we ended up having big bowlfuls of noodles. I had my classic favourite: Udon in Ginger and Spring Onion. It comes with huge strips of ginger and lovely little straw mushrooms, and loads of fried Tofu. 

We planned to leave without our phones following a tweet from someone I follow on twitter that went on a weekly date without their phones, which I thought was a brilliant idea! It turns out I didn't have my keys, so we felt it best not to lock our phones in my house, and instead they hid at the bottom of my handbag and were strictly banned. It was really nice just to chat and look at eachother rather than obsessing over instagramming everything. Sometimes I think it's good to step back into the real world? I know I am very guilty of being too glued to my technology.

However I did stick to my outfit plans I made when I was packing. I've already managed to wear three so I may have to recycle some, but never mind! I wore my Tara Starlet blouse with the ever-present Chicwish skirt and my really old Topshop shoes that I love matching with it, as well as matching my big 'Ariel' bow with my little vintage bow bracelet that needs some serious rhinestone repair. I had thoughts about whether double-polka dots would be too much but I actually really like the continuity. Light tights definitely work best with this skirt anyway, or it can end up looking very strange and long in a very 'fancy-dress'-ish way. I can't wait to wear it with bare legs again to be honest. I think my problem with vintage dresses and midi lengths are often the colder months where you have to pair with tights or stockings. Maybe I just don't buy suitable winter vintage?

Red (again) and Polka-Hearts and Sticking to Plans

Monday, 31 March 2014

Mothers and Breakfasts!

Mothers and Breakfasts

Hi everyone! Happy Mother's Day. This year I was concerned I wouldn't get to see my mum on Mother's Day so I did arrange a little present that she could open, but after some nice coincidence, I was able to get home in time, so as well as her gift I did the obvious making breakfast in bed. I love making breakfast in bed at home because we have this beautiful wooden tray that I love using, it's almost as wide as the doorframe and has that hotel-level of luxury and weight. I made mummy a huge omelette by frying some cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, popping them in a flan dish and dispersing some basil leaves and a big heap of spinach leaves throughout. Then I whisked 6 (yes, 6!) eggs and poured it over the top, baked in the oven and finished the top off with a little bit of oil under the grill, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and some chives. Not your conventional omelette, more in the style of a 'Tortilla Espanola', but it was delicious! (I had the last quarter - with 6 eggs padded out with greens there was plenty).

Mothers and Breakfasts Mothers and Breakfasts

I think mum had a good day, sat in the garden sipping (more) fizz in the almost-glorious sunshine. I hope you mothers and your own mothers had a lovely day, and that you also let them know how much you love them the rest of the time, but also that you are also thinking fondly of mothers that aren't here in a physical sense anymore.

Mothers and Breakfasts

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunshine, Lemonade and Acts of True Love

blue and lime and olive

So, waking up after packing, I gave everywhere one last mighty clean and tidy, threw the last few things into my bag and headed to the station with Martin. It was an incredible day and I didn't need the pair of tights i'd factored in to my outfit (but realised too late!) It was a shame to spend so much of it shuffling my enormous suitcase in and out of awful trains full of students bag-hogging seats.

If you've seen my instagram, you'll know that, reaching approximately 7/8 of our journey from flat-to-station I realised I was without my favourite sunglasses (and pretty much the only pair I use.) Knight-in-shining armour that he is, Martin offered to trek back to the flat to fetch them for me, leaving me to guard the suitcases. Not wanting me to be stuck fending for myself in the street with two cases and two bags, he deposited me in my favourite cafe here, Hopkins Gallery, conveniently just by the station to have a leisurely coffee while he went back, which personally, I think must be an act of undying true love, don't you? ;)

with ginger

It was too hot for coffee, so I went with Fentiman's Victorian Lemonade - which you can see went down rather nicely, yum - and sat in a strip of sunlight in the window. As well as being rather pleased about the fact I was getting my sunglasses and getting to sit and relax instead of fetching them, I got to take a lot more photos of the place than when I posted about it the other week!

the first *hot* day

blue and lime and olive

I love the decor and the feel of this place - those colours! - Olive, blue, mint green and that rich wood all together, swoon! Even the smattering of yellow paint on the door is just perfect. Then Martin came back and after lots of grateful cuddles and kisses, we had to lug our cases off to the station and descend on the Trains from Hell. Getting home was nice though, and after some fizz, some curry and more cuddles, I'm writing from the crisp new sheets of my bed at home and I feel very lucky indeed.

american diner vs british vintage


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