Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Cat Print Blouse, The Classic Chicwish Skirt and My Favourite Coat

Ladylike Style and a Cat Print Blouse

Hi everyone! So I've almost made it to my 'The Day After' post that I was talking about last post but I wanted to split it on two halves. Here is my most meticulously planned outfit for the event. I had no idea what to expect, so I tried to plan accordingly. I would be spending some time charging to-and-from stations and into the Custard Factory so I wore my vintage grey faux fur collar coat that I got a few years ago. I didn't get to wear it last year because it didn't really feel cold enough, so I was determined to really wear it this year. This is an item of clothing that I'm really loving with the orange hair - I love the contrast on the collar, especially with the backdrop of autumn leaves. I wore my glittery shoes as I mentioned previously, the sheer tights I went to get, and finally got to wear this adorable blue cat-print blouse from Urban Outfitters (I think from the Urban Renewal section) that I'd been saving to wear the first time for the event. It's actually a perfect fit despite the complete lack of buttons or zips to make it easier to put on, but it means it's very comfortable, which you might have noticed is a big deal for me! I'm still loving this Chicwish skirt but I hadn't worn it in ages so it was perfect opportunity to crack it out again. It's definitely a cold-weather item and I've already had a few fresh ideas for how to wear it. I think when planning for this event I was trying to create an outfit that really outwardly displayed my blog and my style, so I like to think this outfit kind of summarises my kind of style, although my style changes every few months anyway!

Ladylike Style and a Cat Print Blouse Ladylike Style and a Cat Print Blouse Ladylike Style and a Cat Print Blouse Ladylike Style and a Cat Print Blouse

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Blue and Orange Day, Glittery Loafers (That Clop), and Gypsophilia

Mixing Knits, a Smock and Matching Blue and Orange

Hi guys! Man, I wanted to post this sooner than I did but things have just been a whirlwind. Friday was a pretty busy day but I got my post up and spent the evening at Martin's. The next day was mainly prepping for Sunday (more on that in a sec.) I needed (needed) sheer black tights for the next day and I had managed to rip both pairs of Primark tights, that I had bought but two days before, before leaving the house. Nice. So, I headed into town with Martin in tow to pick up some more -not Primark this time-  and while I was there I found a pretty bunch of Gypsophilia for not much so I bought them to put in my room last year. Not shopping at Aldi as much this year has meant I don't  habitually choose a bunch as I shop - I get deliveries as I can't face the hill with all that shopping! I was really unsure when choosing this outfit but I liked the outcome in the end - I'm still finding things I can pair this cute cropped jumper with. It ended up being a pretty blue-and-orange day in the end, but I suppose that's the nature of autumn. I also took my lovely new Miss Selfridge flats for a test run for the next day (I'm coming to it I promise) so I had to take gratuitous photos in the drifts of crunch leaves. They seem pretty sturdy and they clop when you walk which is a big plus! ;) I can see these lasting into Christmas because they don't feel like they will immediately fall apart and they have that appropriately sparkly Christmas vibe.

Anyway, The Next Day: the next day was Sunday, and I'd bought a ticket for an event called Fabb Events being hosted in Birmingham, which is a whole different blog post, but needless to say I was really excited and planned meticulously! I really want to save all of this for it's own post, so that's all you're getting for now!

Mixing Knits, a Smock and Matching Blue and Orange

Mixing Knits, a Smock and Matching Blue and Orange Mixing Knits, a Smock and Matching Blue and Orange

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Black Velvet Shorts, Knits, Boots and Matching the Scenery

Shorts in Autumn

I've said enough times, that being at uni (doing art) has made me so much more conscious of clothes that are comfortable, so for long days I've built up a nice little rotation. The night before I'd been to the gym, had a wonderfully relaxed shower, let my hair air dry, painted my nails and sat in bed reading blogs, so I got up early in the morning to read a few more blogs and miss the sunrise! I was super prepared for uni but I still didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to wear that day, so in the end I went for my trusty velvet playsuit and this probably over-posted-about Topshop jumper. I'd just bought some new sheer tights which I'm hoping will feel a bit better with my longer skirts than thick opaques, so I wore them under my playsuit (I thought they'd look a little less harsh than black opaques) and as you can see they have laddered already. Fab! Good job they come two in a pack. I really like wearing these Topshop Chelsea boots (similar) with this playsuit too as they just feel really 'practical'. I love how my hair matches the trees at the moment so we took a few pictures in the Arboretum - where the colours are insane at the moment - in my lunch break and then I headed off for the rest of my lecture. Later Martin and I went to buy some Char Siu ingredients, then have a coffee and learn a little more Cantonese. 

Shorts in Autumn Shorts in Autumn Shorts in Autumn

Friday, 24 October 2014

Reading Miss Robin: Arty Magazines and Finding New Print Shops

Reading Miss Robin

Hi everyone! So a while back I discovered this place in a student magazine (Left Lion) called Ideas on Paper. It'd taken me ages to work out where it was, but a friend directed me and I went for a little browse. Since becoming interested in graphic design I've become a lot more interested in magazines, and I knew that this place would have things to offer beyond the realms of Vogue and Cosmopolitan and into the more arty side of things. I really love layout design and want to acquire more volumes of beautiful photography and layout design, I've had my eye on In Clover magazine for a while, and I'm happy to spend more than your average glossy on something beautiful. I perused the shop and selected (after much deliberation - I had limited myself to JUST ONE) a magazine called Miss Robin. I chose it for the beautiful pictures and the pretty, zine-y, approach to their layout design. When I got it home I got a chance to properly look through - I was delighted to see that Kailey of Mermaidens was a contributor - and I spent a long time poring over the images. Like I mentioned before, the publication was beautifully laid out and the images gorgeous, and that is definitely where it's value lies.

Personally, I found it quite hard to keep up with some of the content. The issue was based around 'Twisted Girls' which I sort of got and sort of didn't. This could well be because there's something I'm missing here (I'm probably not cool enough, to be honest..!) but I did struggle when finding articles that weren't proof read (!) However, that said, I really did appreciate the magazine for it's beautiful aesthetic, and finding their contributors (and photographers, etc) online has been super inspiring and so were their editorials. I'd like to say I'd purchase again, but I'd probably have to have a really good flick through the next issue to make my decision. I'm excited to head back to Ideas on Paper, too, so hopefully I can share my further treasures here. I'd also like to end by saying that all my opinions are my own and this post was in no way sponsored!

Reading Miss Robin Reading Miss Robin

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Changing Around the Desk Area (Plus PINK)

The Desk Corner

So, taking a break from my hard work, I thought I'd post some photos of my updated 'desk area'. Once I started uni the books and stacks of paper started to pile up again, and I had recently discovered that Ryman sell fantastic little file cabinets in really cute colours  for not very much money so I purchased myself one to organise my packs of paper and sketchbooks. I had to shuffle my desk over to the left to fit the cabinet in, and turn the trestles the other way around which I'm not exactly sure you're supposed to do but I did anyway. I quite like it anyway as I like to rest my feet somewhere when I'm working. 

The Desk Corner

I also started adding my loose bits of paper to the walls - I had the wall under the window set up before, but i've decided I want to fill the entire nook with work. I am enjoying adding illustrations and type that im proud of - it inspires me to do more work in that vein and reminds me what i'm good at. The colour samples came off the back wall and are now on the side for more visibility. It saves all my pretty things hiding inside a sketchbook where I forget to look. I'm really happy with this part of my room now, I say apprehensively that its finished although I hesitate. I would really like a shelf just under the window - duh, I think that's called a windowsill - to get some of my pen pots out of the way of my work space, and have somewhere to nurture some succulents. I've got lots more to share with you but i've been snowed under working for (and then feeling exhausted/frustrated by) a deadline that is tomorrow. Luckily, I'm now feeling zen enough to finish off this blog post and get a good nights sleep for my presentation tomorrow!

The Desk Corner The Desk Corner The Desk Corner

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Witchy Halloween Vibes and Hanging Out With Tori's Tales

Witchy Vibes

So, I had other posts lined up before this but I liked these pictures so much I had to post them first. Yesterday I went to finally meet a real-life blogger in Nottingham after finding Tori of Tori's Tales on twitter. We went for lunch at the Broadway Cinema as it's super vegetarian-friendly and Tori is a vegetarian. Sadly the place is not fantastically camera friendly, it's pretty dark inside (I mean, it's a cinema.) so I didn't get any snaps - we were also hurrying a little because both being students, we have a load of work to do and super-short deadlines. However, at a little bit of a loose end afterwords (otherwise known as convincing yourself you don't need to go home and do work yet) I met up with Martin who took some pictures of my outfit for me, then stopped in Cafe Nero for a cosy coffee and some Cantonese lessons. I can now tell you what my name is, know if you're asking me what my name is, ask what your name is , ask if you're well, respond if you ask me, and ask if you are too if you asked me first.

The morning was one of those mornings where I tried on 100 different outfits. For some reason I was reluctant to wear this dress from ARK even though I wanted to wear it, so I just put it on in the end. I love the slightly dipped hem - not usually something I go for but I think it works well on this. As you might have noticed I'm all about smocks at the moment so you can understand why I love it. I  It was definitely too cold for just the dress, which is a little thin, so I matched some old Primark tights with this H&M striped tee that I've had forever. Putting striped t-shirts under other things is something I love doing in colder weather. With the tomato-soup hair, the stripes and the black dress I was feeling kind of witchy - I am definitely subconsciously feeling the Halloween vibe - so I just went with it and chose my old, faithful, River Island buckled shoes and some darker make up than usual. For some reason, with my current orange dip dye I am less interested in 60s volume and more about soft, girly waves - I've been pinning my fringe back more and embracing the more fluffy, wispy look. I say this all the time but I can't wait for it to grow out more - my hair is so thick that when it is short it looks puffy, but when it is longer it looks much more balanced.

Thanks Tori for being my friend - it was so lovely to sit and chat about blogging and Nottingham and being creative.

Witchy Vibes Witchy Vibes

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Autumn Wishlist: Coral and Blues and Layering

Joules. Chicwish and Romwe Wishlist

I've mentioned a few times that I had a colossal clear out before I moved back to uni - I gave away/donated every single thing I didn't love. I had the intention of buying only things I really love, and can imagine working with other pieces in my wardrobe. I imagine this is common practice for a lot of people, but I really am an impulse buyer - I buy something because I have 'nothing to wear' to an event without even checking my wardrobe to see if that's true first. I also buy things just because I love them without any thought whatsoever as to if I have anything that will go with them, which usually leads to having to buy stuff to go with them. Last year, my view to my loan was to just spend it until it ran out, but with the responsibility of bills this year (and a severely dented savings account) I have been trying to be more sensible when allowing myself new purchases. 

That said, I am going to have to do some shopping because in my clear-out, I cleared-out a lot of little jumpers and things that weren't really my style, but has left me with little in the way of Autumn clothes. Autumn is definitely about layering anyway - particularly when it's icy at 8am but bright sunshine by 12. I've wanted this Chichwish dress for what feels like such a long time -it has such a great 60s vibe and I love anything with that smock-y empire line, but it's not particularly autumnal. However, I'm loving jumpers-over-dresses which is the reason I chose my new Topshop Jumper  and I loved this red/coral jumper from the Joules - I actually like a lot of the Women's Knitwear - especially their signature animal jumpers that they bring out each season. I think my autumn/winter wardrobe has a tendency to be a little less colourful so it would inject some colour nicely. I can see it over this beautiful pleated top from Romwe, and all of it over the top of the Chicwish Dress to make it a little more autumnal. I am loving loads of the Leather Handbags, also from Joules, especially this beauuuutiful saddle bag - we all know how much I actually need to switch bags because I am wearing the life out of my New Look bucket bag. Joules' bags look really high quality, which is what I need for carting things to and from the studio - I've had many a 'school bag' break under the weight of portfolios and laptops. On the subject of good quality, I'd also love these amazing loafers from Hudson which would fit perfectly in line with not choosing black shoes all the time, and I know that my other pair of Hudson shoes are super high quality, long-lasting leather. I can also see everything working really well with other things in my wardrobe - especially that Joules Bag. 

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